Chorosynthesis seeks to re-conceptualize and broaden the scope of American choral music by fostering innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and excellence in and among the choral arts and its communities through both a bottom-up and top-down approach.

Our Story

The top-down approach focuses on ideals and strives to work on creating projects that move us toward those ideals on a national level. This approach involves much deliberation, conversation, and careful interaction among organizations at a national level and will be instrumental in creating models and direction for communities at a lower level.

Simultaneous to this top-down approach, Chorosynthesis is getting involved in the trenches. This second approach is key. We believe that our involvement on this practical level will help us become more aware of how we might refine the projects and models being created at the national and more abstract levels (see above). By taking these two seemingly opposite approaches, we hope to meet in the middle and to contribute to a world where the choral art and its communities are thriving and preeminent.

Top-Down Approach

As part of this approach, Chorosynthesis seeks to host the American Choral Summit. 

The overarching goals and objectives of the ACS are to develop a common vision around the following issues:

  • Discussion of the current time as representing the end of an age of a competitive model and the necessity of a seed change in marketing models in the arts. In particular, what models breed both creative process and product, instead of competition? How do we facilitate this change in worldview from both the national and the grassroots levels? How does this discussion apply especially to the field of choral music?

  • What might choral culture look like in 10 years? In 20 years? What are the possibilities and dreams, as well the challenges in realizing these dreams?

  • How, given the current economic climate and projections, might the culture grow toward these goals?

  • What action committees might be formed to interact with ACDA, Chorus America, MENC, NCCO, to begin near-term and intermediate steps toward these goals?

  • How may we continue and extend the discussion occurring at this event at upcoming ChorusAmerica, MENC, NCCO, and ACDA meetings or conventions?

Bottom-Up Approach

Staff and members of Chorosynthesis are expected to be contributing to choral music from the trenches. By contributing continuously to a local community of the choral art in a way that is helping establish the kinds of ideals that chorosynthesis espouses (innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and excellence,) we hope that our staff and membership will be better prepared to interact with and create bridges toward the ideals of the top-down approach.

For example, Ms. Moy and Mr. Selvey both served on the steering committee for the Greater Seattle Choral Consortium, a newly formed group of independent choirs in the Seattle area that seeks to strengthen each other and the choral art by joining forces and working together. Mr. Selvey and Ms. Moy also work with community choirs and are active as teachers, researchers, and clinicians.

Chorosynthesis tried its hand at a collaborative effort between conductors Wendy Moy and Jeremiah Selvey in their performances of Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms last November. Initially conceived as a collaboration among religious and educational institutions in an ecumenical liturgy designed by laypersons, scholars, musicians and ministers, "A Human Liturgy" featured collects to begin and end the service, as well as the reading of lessons in between each movement of Brahms's magnum opus. This collaborative effort from last winter strengthened the communities of those who participated and served as a benefit concert. None of the performers were paid for their services.  This project became the basis for the now fully professional choral ensemble, Chorosynthesis Singers.

Additionally, the staff of Chorosynthesis is also engaging communities through presentations in the Seattle area and beyond, including a session on “Enlarging the Circle: An Investment in the Choral Arts” at the MENC Northwest conference in 2011. At the 2018 Northwest ACDA Conference, they were a part of a panel on “Re-imagining Relevance through New Music and Social Consciousness.”Chorosynthesis sponsored and led an Emerging Leaders Networking Session at the Chorus America National Conference in 2012 and 2013. At the 2019 Chorus America Conference, they will present a session on “Fostering Social Consciousness through Choral Music.”