Dayton residency LOGISTICS


We are very excited for your arrival! A lot of thought has been given to creating an environment of artistry and collaboration while providing a space for the Connecticut College Students to learn and grow. This site provides logistical information for your residency at Connecticut College. If you have questions that are not answered by this site or your contract, you can contact us by email, phone, or text (480) 442-4676.


  • A Hartford Airport pick up schedule will be published soon.

  • New London is on the I-95 corridor between Boston and NYC. To reach New London by train, you can take Amtrak or Shoreline East.


Chorosynthesis Singers will be housed at the New London/Mystic Holiday Inn. Click here for a map and directions. There is a coffee shop and restaurants nearby. (The area is known for scallops and lobster.)


All rehearsals will take place on the campus of Connecticut College in Cummings Arts Center. There will be a carpool between the hotel and the College. Click here for a map and directions.


You will have meals passes to eat at the Harris Dining Hall on the North Side of Campus. Here you'll find traditional menu fare, including vegetarian and vegan items, fast food, a stir fry station, pizza, a pasta bar, a salad bar, a dessert bar and a waffle bar. (All areas are not open at every meal.) One of the most popular options, the made-to-order deli bar at lunch, offers gourmet ingredients and the service is fantastic. Lunch includes quick-service sandwiches, salads and warm bread. Dinner includes personal, made-to-order items. The menus are posted online with the ingredient lists. The Dining Hall provides gluten-free options and accommodates allergy and dietary restrictions. A few meals will be catered on-site at the music building and will have ample vegetarian options.



Off-campus options

There will be some downtime if you want to explore the New London/Mystic area made famous by the movie Mystic Pizza. During the summer, it is a busy tourist destination. Wendy’s favorite spots: Harkness Park, Washington Street Coffee House, The Social, High 5’s, Grass & Bone, Ford’s Lobsters, Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock, The Engine Room, New York Pizza, Mr. G’s (late-night/diner), Sift Bakery (made famous by FoodNetwork)

On Campus options