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Seattle, Washington 98122


  • College Music Society Seed Grant - July 2010
  • College Music Society Seed Grant - July 2011
  • Washington American Choral Directors Association Project Grant - October 2011
  •  Research Matters Fund, Connecticut College - Fall 2015
  • Puffin Foundation - February 2016
  • Research Matters Fund, Connecticut College - Spring 2016
  • Enders Fund, Connecticut College - Fall 2016
  • 4Culture Arts Sustained Support - 2017-2018


  • Salesforce


  • Nicholas Anderson
  • Anonymous (1)
  • Jeremiah Cawley
  • Barbara Coolidge
  • Janette Jess
  • Pam Franklin
  • Mandy Hanousek
  • Stephen Lancaster
  • Mae & John Langer
  • Robye Lumb
  • Sen & Liz Moy
  • Wendy Moy
  • Eric Retzloff
  • David & Kathy Selvey
  • Jeremiah Selvey
  • Justin Sweet
  • University of Washington Chorale
  • University of Washington Summer Chorale
  • Steven & Cynthia Zook

2017 Donors

Friend --$5-$24

Nich Anderson

Nathan D. Arnett

Color Field Ensemble

Shaya Lyon

Kathryn King

Thomas Paris

Jonah Spool

Nancy Zuelch

Choro Circle

Piano Level --$25-$49


Jason Bishop

Lyndsay Bratton

Patrick Brown

Tamara Burnett

Michael Dreimiller


Charles Halka

Minge Johnson

Todd Tin-Yu Lien

Anne Lyman

Cathy Madden

Melanie Selfridge Martin

Ross Morin

Jason Moy

Lee Peterson

Kala Pierson

Ryan Saunders

Ginger Smith

Charley Snell

Michael Weinberg

Andrea Wollensak



2015-2016 DONORS

Friend $5-$24

Anonymous (3)

Virginia Anderson and Steve Luber

Nadav Assor

Scott Alexander

Heather Arnold

Omid Bagheri

Amanda Bauman

Cori Blackburn

Derek Blechinger

James Brown, Jr.

Amy Piazza Bruhmuller

T.J. Callahan

Jennifer Carpenter

Carlyle Collections llc

Mike Crane

Douglas Dammarell

Jeffrey Douma

Rebekah Dixon

Rafael Espinal

Simon Feldman

Joe Foltz

Jeshua Franklin

J.D. Fugate

Dan Gardiner

Grace Gorski

Jose Guzman

Sanjay H.

Erin Havel

Brian Holmes

Jeffrey Huang

Kara Hunnicutt


James Janssen

Janette Jess

Gerald Johnson

Becca Kenneally

Lee Kesselman

Ian Kim

Kat King

Connor Koppin

Shirley Leong

Kristen Ramer Liang

Jason Lin

Michael Lukins

Cathy Madden


Jessica Napoles

Antonio Ortiz

Heather Paisar

Donnie Payne

Aaron Peisner

Jason Pettit

Jeffrey Petrovic

Ryan Pinkston

Brian Poage

Hilary Prichard

James Reese

Jacqueline Remillard

Gary Reynolds

Thomas Riddell

Beth Scott

Mara Sedlins

Derrick Selvey Shaw

Michelle Schneider

Jon Shepherd

Casey Smith

Rhiannon Snyder

Jonah Spool

Laura Strickling

Luke Stromberg

Evan Stults

Phillip A. Swan


Margaret Thomas

Spence W.

Chloe Ward

Robert Weiss

Emily Wing

David L. Woo

Brandon Wright

Matthew Wu

Lidiya Yankovskaya

Michelle Neely Yates

Chorosynthesis relies on volunteers and supporters of the choral art to sustain its mission.  Do you have a couple of hours to donate to the cause? We need people with expertise in fundraising, office management/book keeping, grant writing, video editing/production, public relations, and social media. Fill out the form below to express your interest and availability.

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photo-Tim Blok


  • Janessa Anderson
  • Tim Blok
  • Jeshua Franklin
  • Nicole Harreld
  • Kris Jenkins
  • Kyra Rengstorf
  • Matt Root
  • Melissa Thorne
  • Emily Wing


Mezzo Piano Level -- $50-$74

Kathlyn Billett

Frances Chiu

Mary Dann

Holleran Center at Connecticut College

Sue Huey

Ken Inoue

Tony Johnson

Lyle Kahle

Summer Krause


Nancy Menk

Ted Miller

Patrice Newman

Tian Hui Ng

Eva Piccininni

Jermaine Woodard Jr.

Mezzo Forte Level -- $75-$99

Amanda Stevenson

Columbus Walden

Forte Level -- $100-$249

Jim Corbett

Daniel Cords

Leona Fontaine

Anita Hutton

Stephen Lancaster

Robye Lumb

Bryan Mac Kay

Thomas Riddell

Eugene Rogers

Director's Circle

Sue Reider

Sponsor's Circle

Wendy Moy

Jeremiah Selvey

Choro Circle

Piano Level – $25-$49

Etienne Abelin

Shawn Aebi

Eve Bernshaw

Jason Bishop

Douglas and Grace Blake

Mieke Brouwer and Janie Cantwell

Patrick Brown

Jeromy Carpenter

Christopher Clarke

John Conahan

Kevin Dong

Anne Erps

Nina Falk

Michael Grube

John M. Gamble

Ross Guida

Jocelyn Hagen

Loretta Haggard

David Klinge

Stephen Lancaster

Katrina Lehto

Johnathon Leon

Levi Lindsey

Topher Miller

Shana Whitlock Montgomery

Jason Moy

Lisa Moy

Liz Moy

Stephen O'Bent

Bruce Odland

Nina Papathanasopoulou

Ken and Jan Pendergrass

Kala Pierson

Emily Ritter

Matthew Robertson

Lisa Shearer

Andrey Stolyarov

Elizabeth Truman

Melissa Whitlock Williams

Mark Winges

Nancy Zylstra


Mezzo Piano Level $50-$74

Maria and Doug Bayer

Martin Benvenuto

Lynn Wood Bertrand

R. Timothy Brady

Sharon Bruhn

Kristine Bryan

Jeremy Brown

Ilene and Joseph Gregorio

Lynn Hurst

Kenneth Kiesler

Benjamin Killey

Bryan Mac Kay

Beth McMahon

Ina O’Connor

Gene Peterson

John Rommereim

Kathy Selvey

Kendal Strickland

Melvin Terry

Rose Tosti

Ellen G. Voth


Mezzo Forte Level – $75-$99

Angelo Abello

Darryl Higa

Patrick Oyco

Thomas Paris


Cailin Wilke and Evan Crawford


Forte Level – $100-$249

Elisabeth Baeskens

Josh Beck

Ronald Cammarata

Jared Chase

Ken Dillon

Jennifer Erdmann

Leona Fontaine

Craig Gibson

Sue Huey

Abel Sutherland


Sponsor's Circle

Ron Cammarata

Paul Johns

Wendy Moy

Jeremiah Selvey