You have been directed to this private page because Chorosynthesis or a friend of Chorosynthesis thought you might be interested in our next project centered around new music and social justice--as a potential performer, attender of the reading session, and/or stakeholder. Regardless, we would appreciate if you would fill out this form, if you are at all interested--or even to let us know that you are definitely not interested (so we will not bother you).

Chorosynthesis’ next major project will be a concert (tentatively March 2016) of professional performers premiering many new works  from our recent Call for Scores. Since the end of March, we have received 100 submissions! As a part of the process, we are holding a Reading Session of select scores that have been collected. You are invited to that 2-hour reading session, which will involve a sneak peek at some of this high-quality new music, the purpose of which is to get your feedback as a singer and hopefully to get you excited about possibly joining us in 2016 for this performance.

Sunday, June 14, 2015
2:00 pm-4:00 pm
First Free Methodist Church Sanctuary
(free parking)
(Happy hour to follow*)

While we do not yet know the exact personnel needs for the March 2016 concert, please let us know of your interest in either the reading session or concert by filling out the form below. Not interested in singing but want to support this project? Do you know of others who resonate with this project? If so, please fill out the form as well. We would be honored for YOU to be a part of the process with us.

*We would love to share a happy-hour drink with you afterwards as well, if you are available.

Reading Session Interest *
I plan on attending the Reading Session of new scores hosted by Chorosynthesis Singers on June 14, 2015.
Performance Interest *
I am interested in possibly performing with Chorosynthesis Singers in 2016.
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Phone (cell preferred)
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Perhaps you do not identify as a professional musician, but you would like to support this process? Please describe how you resonate with the project and how you see yourself contributing...and thank you!