ESV Reading Session Archive

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Reading Session - July 2016

Paper Boats by Saunder Choi

Shui Diao Ge To by Chia-Yu Hsu

Dipukų Rauda by Charles Halka

Ma Kantaa--Ihminen Kaivaa by Pertti Jalava

A.I.: All-Inclusive (Orga vs. Mecha) by Jerome Kurtenbach

Revelations of Divine Love by Isaac Lovdahl

Soldier Boy by John Milne

Risa Fatal by Tomás Olano

Singing Heart by Greg Steinke

Ave Maria by Andersen Viana

mis by Kristina Warren

The Third Night by Frances White


Reading Session - October 2015

Lux Aeterna by Jose Luis Gomez Aleixandre

Unleash the Beauty of Your Eyes by Alexander Campkin

Golden Rule (from Mental Gymnastics) by Michael d’Ambrosio

Sonic Vertigo by Panayiotis Kokoras

Blue Phoenix by Kala Pierson

In Midnight Sleep by Andrew Rodriguez

Anámnesis Luctuoso by Ivan Enrique Rodriguez

A Clear Midnight by Thomas Schuttenhelm

Over the City by Karen P. Thomas

The Waterwheel (from Canticles of Rumi) by Mark Winges

Reading Session - October 2016

Evening by Conrad Asman

Shiloh by André Brégégère

Oseh Shalom by Joshua Fishbein

Beneath the Wave by Luke Flynn

Glow by Molly Joyce

Magnificat by Sergey Khvoshchinsky

Chopsalteok by Texu Kim

Creations by John Oliver


If Ever There Is by Rich Campbell

Out of Her Place by Rebekah Driscoll

Music (from Three Mnemonics) by David Feurzeig

Beneath the Wave by Luke Flynn

That Concept of Tomorrow by Gabriel González

No Llores, Paloma Mía by Guillermo Martinez

Zealot Canticles by Lansing McLoskey

Canticles for the Holy Innocents by Eric Pazdziora

Someone Not ThereNow by Steven Serpa

There Are No Words by Baljinder Sekhon

Scherzo Diabolique by Mark Winges