Votes for Women

Choral Consortium Celebrating the Centenary of the Constitution’s 19th Amendment

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  • Short work under 20 minutes - can be added to anyone’s existing program

  • Accessible for almost any SATB choir (minimal divisi)

  • Composed by Melissa Dunphy & Kala Pierson (and a world-class team of text curators)

  • Texts and music by women, composed for women’s rights

  • 2020 is the centennial of 19th Amendment (women’s suffrage)

For $1,000, you get the following...

19-minute work celebrating the 19th Amendment!

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A multi-movement work written by Melissa Dunphy and Kala Pierson to celebrate the occasion of the centennial of Women’s Suffrage in the United States. 

LENGTH: Approximately 19 minutes.

VOICING/INSTRUMENTATION: SATB with no or minimal divisi and cello.

TEXTS: The text shall be by women, about women, and particularly centered around the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution, Women’s Suffrage, and Women’s Rights. 

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Intermediate level. (Any music composed at an advanced level will be composed as an alternative addendum to a simpler version in the main score.)

STRUCTURE OF PIECE: Suite of movements with a larger dramatic arc or narrative. Each movement shall be composed in such a way that it may be excerpted or that a conductor may pick and choose which movements to perform.

You’ll also get rehearsal tracks so your singers can practice on their own!

REHEARSAL TRACKS in .mp3 format shall be provided for each voice, a part-dominant and a sans-part MIDI recording of the score, as well as a recording of the MIDI playback of the full Score.

You’ll also get the following performance and recording rights!

Dunphy & Pierson agree to grant the Co-Commissioning Choir a Multiple Use License to put the piece in the Choir’s permanent library and to perform in perpetuity.

In perpetuity, Dunphy & Pierson agree to waive royalty or payment for performances by the Co-Commissioning Choir.

The Co-Commissioning Choir is permitted to record audio and video of the piece, in part or in whole, for archival purposes. 

You’ll also get the following benefits!

EXCLUSIVITY: Exclusive rights to be premiere along with other choirs between October 1 and December 31, 2020, after the premiere by Chorosynthesis Singers.

**NAME LISTED IN SCORE: The first 19 choirs to join the Consortium Commission will be acknowledged in the Score of Piece.

COMP TICKETS TO WORLD PREMIERE: All co-commissioning choirs will be eligible to receive 4 complimentary tickets to the world premiere performance and 2 complimentary tickets to the dress rehearsal with Chorosynthesis Singers in September 2020, currently scheduled at Santa Monica College.

ARCHIVAL RECORDING OF WORLD PREMIERE: Pending the successful execution of an archival recording of the World Premiere, all co-commissioning choirs shall receive a copy of that recording in digital format.

Consortium contract to come soon!

In the meantime, give us your information below if you would like to be contacted before we announce the contract hyperlink publicly. First-come, first-served! 

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