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The following program is the result of our Call for Scores and months of collaboration

between co-artistic directors to ensure the best concert experience. It is subject to minor changes.

MARCH 19, 2016, 7:30 pm

presented by the Wayward Music Series
Good Shepherd Chapel
Seattle, Washington

Dr. Wendy Moy, Artistic Director & Conductor
Dr. Jeremiah Selvey, Artistic Director & Conductor


West Coast Premiere

Do You Hear How Many You Are? (2010)
by Keane Southard

World Premiere

Like a Darling (A Triptych)
by Steven Serpa

 I.    I break this toast (2015)
II.    Someone not there now (2013)   
III.    Together (2015)
with Jessica Bush, soprano

Second Performance & West Coast Premiere

In Midnight Sleep (2014)
by Andrew Rodriguez
with Wendy Moy, soprano

Over the City (1995)
by Karen Thomas
with Sheila Bristow, piano and Rich Eckert, violoncello

Pacific Northwest Premiere

Blue Phoenix (from Gather These Mirrors) (2009)
by Kala Pierson

U.S. Premiere

Lux Aeterna (2011)
by José Luis Gómez Aleixandre


World Premiere

Canticles for the Holy Innocents (2014)
by Eric Pazdziora
  I.    Vox in Rama Percrebuit
II.    Salvete, Flores Martyrum
III.    In Paradisum

West Coast Premiere

Zealot Canticle (2011)
by Lansing McLoskey
I.    Renunciation (Preludium)
II.    Canticle
with Rachael Colman, mezzo-soprano & Brian Mummert, baritone
Rachel Yoder, clarinet

World Premiere

A Clear Midnight (2015)
by Thomas Schuttenhelm

West Coast Premiere

Out of Her Place (2010)
by Rebekah Driscoll
with Erica Convery, soprano

U.S. Premiere

Unleash the Beauty of Your Eyes (2014)
by Alexander Campkin
with mezzo-sopranos Marjorie Bunday, Rachael Colman, & Erica Convery;
and sopranos Megan Gardner & Melinda Schlimmer

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