Seattle Hospitality

by Jeremiah Selvey

During “Empowering Silenced Voices,” our out-of-town singers truly felt blessed to have a “home away from home,” where they could rest in preparation for a week of intense music-making. We are doing it again—another project of music with a cause, and we could use your help with some Seattle Hospitality.

Chorosynthesis Singers comprises professional singers from all over the country. During the Seattle portion of our next project (Empowering Silenced Voices 2.0), we are seeking potential hosts for these out-of-town guests. Did you know that by providing singers with a comfortable stay in Seattle it enables them to do a really good job in their performances with us? By helping them, you help us...GREATLY! So thank you for taking this into consideration...

If you can't host a singer in your home, perhaps you could volunteer to provide meals for our singers? We are looking for a sponsor for Saturday night's post-concert reception and Sunday and Monday's dinners (during our recording session). If you are interested or know someone who connects with music and social justice and might be able to help out, please let us know.

If you can host a singer in your home, here's what we hope for from volunteers to host these singers...

  1. Time Frame: Saturday, January 14 (afternoon) through Tuesday, January 17
  2. Location: Preferably close enough for singers to use public transportation to get to/from rehearsals and performances without exorbitant travel times. Rehearsals are at Seattle Pacific University.  (Don't let this keep you from volunteering, as we may be able to work something out.)
  3. Overall Goal: Keep our singers well rested and able to stay focused (without too much stress) on their work with Chorosynthesis Singers.
  4. Expectation: Basic room and board (including specified meals, if possible), assisting with transportation (as able and willing), separate beds for each singer, laundry options, WiFi, access to full bathroom, and accommodations for allergies (food, pet). If you have access to a piano or keyboard, even better; or maybe you won't mind them practicing a little at home (if appropriate).
  5. More specifically, we ask the following:
    1. Hosts will arrange for water, coffee/tea, and other light snacks for non-meal times.
    2. Host will provide breakfast every morning Sunday through Tuesday.
    3. Host will provide dinner (or food that the singer can self-prepare) on Saturday (late afternoon) with time to arrive at the venue by the call time.
    4. It would be appreciated if hosts would provide lunch (or lunch food that singer can self-prepare) on Sunday and Monday.
    5. It would be appreciated if hosts could arrange to assist singers with transportation (including car rides or a drop-off at a light rail station or key bus stop).
    6. Hosts should disclose any pets or possible exposure to food allergies.
    7. Hosts should provide separate beds for each performer, even if 2 performers are sharing a room.

If any of these points pose a challenge for you, but you are interested in helping out, PLEASE talk to us. We might be able to work something out.

Please contact us at with the subject line Seattle Hospitality to get the conversation started. Thank you!