Building Bridges with visionary leaders at Chorus America in Atlanta

by Wendy Moy

Today, Choral Arts Synergy met with two very helpful buttonhole consultants about audience engagement, collaborations, and establishing nonprofit boards. We created such a buzz that one consultant asked to have a second meeting and volunteered to help us! We are so grateful to Chorus America and the many expert volunteers that make opportunities like this possible for us.

Jeremiah and I have talked to numerous artistic directors,   board members, and arts management specialists in choral organization about Choral Arts Synergy (CAS). They echo the desire to see an organization like CAS develop a leading role in the re-formation of choral music and its communities. The arrival of such a service organization is timely. Inspired by the support and with a clearer idea of the needs in the choral community, we sat down and formulated a preliminary 20-year dream plan.  How do you see yourself becoming a part of that dream? How are you advancing the choral art in your own community right now?